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Sunday, 7 September 2014

My Lush skincare routine - Herbalism.

Hi everyone, hope you all are well! Today I was going to do a blog post on my current skincare routine from Lush, but it turns out I'm too chatty for my own good and so I have decided to split this post into three individual posts otherwise it just would have been too long! 

This is the first time I have ever used skincare products from Lush, and I was recommended these items by one of the lovely members of staff. You really can't beat the customer service you receive in Lush as the staff are always friendly. 

Step one cleanser - Herbalism:

The first thing I was recommended was the face and body cleanser Herbalism. This contains natural ingredients such as nettles and rosemary to help cleanse and remove dirt and grease, and also it contains ground almonds and rice bran to help exfoliate the skin are blot away any excess oil.

This cleanser has an interesting smell to say the least.. it doesn't smell bad, but also I wouldn't say it smells great either, I find that the smell is quite subtle though and I got use to it quite easily so it really doesn't bother me when I apply it. 

The really interesting thing about this cleanser is its texture which I have never seen before. It kind of looks like thick green sand and when you add water it turns into a paste. Now this texture is the only problem I have with this cleanser, as I find it to be quite messy when using it. Just like sand it gets everywhere and I still haven't mastered how much water to add as you only need a tiny amount to turn it into a paste otherwise it goes really milky which is quite hard to apply (see picture below).

Even though I do end up dropping some of it down the sink it doesn't stain anything so it is really easy to wash off so you won't have any problems having to clean the bathroom every time you wash your face.

When I use this cleanser I apply the paste to a dry face and use circular motions to spread the paste around evenly, I then use a warm flannel to wash it away. Since using this cleanser I have noticed that my skin has become softer and has been less oily. It has also helped to clear up some of my blemishes.  

This cleanser costs £6.40 and you get 100g worth of product which I think will last a while. I like this cleanser and would reconsider repurchasing it but next time I think I might go for something a bit more specific towards clearing up blemishes. You can buy it here:

What's your favourite cleanser?


  1. I love the colour, looks so earthy. I've never really tried any Lush products for the face but I think I definitely should!


  2. Yeah I'd recommend trying out Lush for skincare products as they have quite a good collection for all different skin types, and plus it's not really expensive! :)