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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick - Shade 107.

Hey everyone! Today I am going to do a review on another one of my favourite Autumn/winter makeup items which is Lipstick shade 107 by Kate Moss for Rimmel London. As you can probably already tell I just love the makeup shades for Autumn and I can never wait to bust out all of my favourite red and berry lipsticks! 

This lipstick has a nice red wine colour which can look pretty dark when you first get it, but once applied it softens and is very buildable so you can decide how on dark you want to go with it. I really love this shade and I think it would suit most skin tones.

This lipstick is easy to apply and is very pigmented so you could get away with only applying one coat. When I use this lipstick I like to use a lipstick brush as like I've said before I can get quite messy when applying dark lipstick and I find using a brush gives me more control and also it allows me to build up the colour slowly. Once applied this lipstick has a lovely matte finish.

I usually apply 3 coats of this lipstick, blotting in-between each layer, to help the colour last longer and also to achieve a darker colour from it. Now what I love about this lipstick is its last time, it is from the lasting finish collection and I find that it lasts me for at least 6 hours! Also once dried I find that it hardly leaves any transfer marks on food or drink!

Even though this is a matte lipstick I don't find it to be drying on the lips, however because of the dark colour and the matte effect if you already have dry lips this lipstick will accentuate that. So before apply I find it useful to use a lip scrub and a lip balm.

This lipstick costs £5.49 which I think is great value especially for its last time, and at the moment in Boots it is 2 for £10 on selected Rimmel Makeup! You can buy it here:

What do you think of this shade?


  1. I love the Kate Moss lipsticks, they always work so well!


  2. this is one of the best lipsticks i have used. i use a lipstick brush too i feel like i can get away without using lip liner when i apply with a brush!
    lovely post and blog x


  3. I havent tried any kate moss lipsticks yet but this shade is gorgeous!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. This is my favourite autumn winter shade :) xx
    Seven Days