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Monday, 1 September 2014

Rimmel London - Lasting Finish in Black Cherries.

Hi everyone, can you believe it is the first of September already! Where has the time gone? Anyways.. today I am going to review Rimmel London's Lasting Finish nail varnish in Black Cherries (193). This to me is another colour perfect for the upcoming Autumn and winter months.

This nail varnish has a lovely deep red/plum colour to it, which I think is nice and warming for the colder days ahead of us. It also has a slight sparkle in the light as well. When applying I find that this nail polish needs two coats as the first coat can come out kind of streaky, but after the second it evens out nicely.

I found the drying time for this nail varnish to take quite a while and I would say to leave yourself a good 15 to 20 to make sure it is completely dry before doing anything. Also I would recommend that if you have a fast drying spray or drops to use them as well to help speed up the process.

The only problem I have had with this nail varnish is that I don't think it really has a lasting finish. It only lasted me about two days before it started to chip which was a bit disappointing, but I had been very busy and used a lot of hot water on my hands which didn't help. So I would recommend using a good top coat with this to help it last longer.

This nail varnish was a great bargain costing only £2.99 so it's definitely worth checking it out! You can buy it here:

What do you think on this colour? 


  1. I love Rimmel nail varnishes, great colour :)


  2. Love the shade, shame it wasnt long lasting!
    xprincessjas | x

  3. I'v been looking for a colour like this! Defiantly going to get this, I love Fancy a Dip in this range to x

    Laura Kate | Beau La Belle