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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

MUA - Iridescent Gold Shimmer highlighter.

 Hi everyone! Today I am going to review another MUA undress your skin highlighter but this time in Iridescent Gold. This shade is relatively new to the MUA collection and I was recommended this a little while ago by http://emmaaclarkexo.blogspot.co.uk/ and as soon as I saw it in the shop I just had to pick it up!

Like I said in my last review (Rambling Makeup - shimmer highlighter ) the packaging is quite simple but looks neat and tidy coming in white plastic packaging with a see through lid. I love the fact that it comes with a see through lid as you can see the product itself which has a nice wavy pattern on it. making the product seem a little more high end.

The highlighter itself is a lovely yellow/gold colour which I love and actually I think I slightly prefer it to the pinky shade! It gives a lovely golden glow and good definition to the cheekbones and where ever you decide to apply it. 

The powder is very pigmented so you only need to apply a little making this product last longer. When I'm using this I swirl a bit onto my brush and then tap off any excess to avoid my cheeks getting to glittery. The last time for this is a really good 4-5 hours.

Below I have added a picture comparing the two different shades (Pink is on the left, gold is on the right):

(Sorry about the picture quality, my camera is great at picking up makeup but I plan on getting a new one soon!)

This highlighter has an amazing price of only £3 so I recommend definitely picking one up as you can't really go wrong at that price! You can buy it in stores at Superdrug or online here:

What do you think of this shade?

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  1. I tried the pinky version of this and i love it! Its gorgeous, although the packaging broke within a week so mines currently without a lid haha!
    xprincessjas | x