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Friday, 19 September 2014

Lush - Sweetie pie gift box.

Hi everyone I hope you all are well. Today I am going to do a review on the Sweetie Pie gift set from Lush, which I have thoroughly been enjoying. Like the name suggests this box is filled with some of Lushes sweetest smelling treats and overall the whole box smells gorgeous!

Sweetie Pie shower jelly:

This shower jelly is filled with blackcurrants, cherries and glitter which smells sweet and refreshing. I have never tried a shower jelly before and was excited to try it, when using it all you have to do is tip it out of the container and rub it over your skin. 

Now I think that this shower jelly is more for fun than practical use as it can be quite slippery and difficult to control, and also I'm quite clumsy in the first place so I was dropping it every few seconds! Also towards the end it unfortunately crumbled into little pieces, however it does smell lovely and I think it would make a fun gift for someone.

Rock Star soap:

The Rock Star soap is a lovely pink soap that smells like an old fashioned sweet shop, and if you like the smell of Creamy Candy bubble bar this soap smells similar. Now usually I'm not one for soaps as I never have anywhere to store them and I find it easier to use a shower gel, but this does leave my skin feeling soft, and I absolutely love the smell! Also I think this soap will last for quite a few washes.

Creamy Candy Bubble bar:

This has always been one of my all time favourite bubble bars from Lush, it smells sweet like candy floss and after using it my skin feels super soft. I managed to break this bubble bar so I got four separate uses out of it and to use you just simply crumble it under warm running water. I find that you only need a small amount of this bubble bar to get loads of bubbles from it! 

Sunnyside Bubble Bar:

This bubble bar probably has the most subtle smell out of all the bubble bars I have used from Lush but it does have a nice soft uplifting scent citrus fruits. When I first got this I wasn't sure if I'd like it as it is very glittery and gold gets everywhere when you touch it, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It made my bath a nice gold/yellow colour with loads of bubbles and I didn't come out covered in glitter which I was worried about. Also I managed to get about 6 uses out of this! 

Shimmy Shimmy Shimmer Bar:

Now this is a product I wouldn't usually use as personally I don't like to be very glittery and to be honest I don't go out enough to use a product like this. This shimmer bar has a nice white chocolate type scent to it and to use you simply rub over the skin.

The shimmer on this bar is quite subtle but you could easily build it up, and I would consider using it as a highlighter on my face (I haven't tried this though as I have had new highlighters I'm trying out). It also contains cocoa and shea butter to help soften and hydrate the skin.

Space Girl Bath Bomb:

This bath bomb has a citrus mixed with floral type smell that reminds me of the Parma violet sweets I use to get as I kid (though personally I hated the sweets as it tasted like eating perfume!) Once you have finished running your bath you simply pop this in and it fizzes around releasing a nice uplifting scent and leaving the bath a lovely violet colour with a small amount of glitter floating around.

Think Pink Bath Bomb:

This bath bomb has a musky vanilla smell to it and when you add it to your bath it turns the water a lovely pink with small rice paper hearts that sink to the bottom (a very romantic bath bomb I think). The only problem I had with this bath bomb is that it stained the sides of the bath pink and it took quite a bit of scrubbing to get rid of them, which is the last thing you want to do after a nice relaxing bath! However I have used this bath bomb before and it didn't stain, so this might be a hit and miss product in that area.


Overall I think this gift box is the perfect treat for someone who likes something sweet, and I have definitely enjoyed using all the products! Unfortunately I can't find it on their website anymore, but you might be able to pick it up in store still. However I did find a similar gift box Called Sugar Sugar which I will leave a link to as well as all of the individual products.

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What do you think of this Gift box?


  1. Love the sound of this box as I love sweet scents, the shower jelly sounds really fun even if it's not so practical haha! x
    Beauty with charm

  2. This box looks so nice, I completely love LUSH :)


  3. This looks so interesting and gorgeous, it would make an amazing gift!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. love this box! i adore the sweetie pie scent

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com