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Monday, 22 September 2014

Models Own - Banana Split Scented nail varnish.

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovey weekend! Today I am going to review Models Own Scented nail varnish in Banana split. Last week in London we had quite nice weather so I thought I would seize this opportunity and get out one of my pastel nail varnishes for the occasion! 

(Sorry for the nail varnish smudge down the bottle, I didn't realise it was there and I haven't had time to take more photos.)

This nail varnish has a lovely pastel yellow colour that reminds me of banana milkshakes. It comes in a nice glass bottle with a scratch 'n' sniff sticker on the top which smells like the foam banana sweets you can get from pick'n'mixes, which I thought was a really nice touch.

Unfortunately though this is only how far the scent went, I didn't find that the nail varnish had a very strong smell of banana which was a bit disappointing, but I always wear a top coat so the smell would have been lost in any case. Also banana can be quite a weak scent so the other nail varnishes in the collection might have a stronger smell.

When applying I find that the first coat can come out a little patchy, but once a second coat is applied it really evens out and the finish is really nice. I would recommend to leave about 10 - 15 minutes to allow this to dry fully, so it is quite quick which is always a benefit when it comes to nail varnishes!

I really like the last time of this nail varnish and I find it lasts me a good 4/5 days before it really starts chipping, so it is great for when you are having a really busy week.

This nail varnish costs £4.99 and there 6 more different shades in the collection. You can buy it here:

What do you think of this shade?
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  1. The nail varnish looks really great :) love the pale yellow colour.


  2. Such a pretty shade! I smelt these a few weeks ago and love the blueberry muffin one!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I can't stand the smell of nail vanish usually so it's pretty cool they're scented :)


  4. I'm not a fan of this polish, I hate the smell of banana anyway but I dont even like the polish in general, it got really gloopy for me and became useless..