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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Barry M - Autumn Gelly nail paints.

Hey everyone! Today I am going to review two of the new Gelly Hi-shine nail paints from Barry M. I got the colours Mustard and Paprika which is from their Autumn range and I fell in love with these colours immediately.


The Paprika nail varnish has a burnt orange/brown colour (like Autumn leaves) which I haven't really seen before and thought it would be great to add to my nail varnish collection, also I thought it would be really warming on the colder days ahead of us in the UK.


The mustard nail varnish is a lovely dark yellow colour and is possibly my favourite out of the whole of the collection. Mustard is one of my favourite colours so I was excited when I found this, and I think it will be lovely in both the Autumn and Summer.


Both of these nail varnishes come in a lovely glass bottle with a silver metallic lid and I think they look really nice and sleek. When applying I found that these nail varnishes had quite a think consistency and could come out a bit streaky on the first coat, however after applying a second coat the colour evened up.

I found that the drying time for these nail varnishes took a while and I would make sure that you had about 15 - 20 minutes of spare time to allow them to dry completely. Once dry I really love the finish these nail varnishes give, just like the name suggests they are really shiny and make my nails look thick and healthy.

The only problem that I had with these nail varnishes was their wear time, they started to chip within day 1 and 2! Now I have no idea why as I have other nail varnishes from their gelly collection and they last me for at least 3-4 days, so maybe when I was just busy when I was wearing these nail varnishes. So I would suggest using a good quality top coat of these nail varnishes to help prevent the chipping.

These nail varnishes are a great value at £3.99 and I really love the colours of the collection. You can buy them here:

What do you think on the collection?

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