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Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Body Shop - Pink Grapefruit Body Sorbet.

This weekend my local The Body Shop store in Romford had been renewed with a complete makeover and had a grand opening to celebrate, so I thought it would be the perfect time to go treat myself to some new products. 

The shop itself looked lovely and was neat and well organised which is great as there is nothing better than a shop where you can easily find what you are looking for, as I'm impatient when shopping and hate having to search around. The staff as always were really friendly as always, and the aircon (Which I know isn't really relevant) was a dream in the hot weather! Unfortunately I couldn't get any pictures though as the store was packed at the time.

I purchased the new Body Sorbet and Vitamin E face mist and today I am going to review the Body Sorbet.

I was really intrigued with this product when I first heard about it as I have never used a 'sorbet' moisturiser before and wanted to know what the texture would be like and if it was easily absorbed. Also since we are getting a nice bit of heat in London at the moment I wanted a product that would be cooling.

So the texture of this 'sorbet' has a velvety gel like consistency which I have never come across before in a moisturiser. When applying it absorbs pretty mush straight away into my skin and left it feeling very refreshed, it did have some cooling properties to it however to get the most of of this I would store it in the fridge. I apply this product in the morning and found that my skin was still really soft by the time I went to bed which is great. 

I purchased the pink grapefruit scent but they have 5 different scents you can choose from. I choose this scent as it reminds me of eating pink grapefruit with my parents for breakfast in bed on special occasions when I was little and it makes me feel very nostalgic. It has quite a strong smell, which I find really uplifting and it helps to wake me up in the morning . The scent lasts for about half an hour.

This moisturiser comes in a big squeezy bottle which I like as due to its thick consistency it is easy to squeeze the right amount of product out and you don't get any leaking through like you can with some cream moisturisers. Also it means I don't get any product stuck behind my finger nails when I'm trying to get some out a tub.

The Body Sorbets cost £8 from The Body Shop and you can buy them here: 

What do you think about this Body Sorbet?


  1. I'm a fan of a lot of Body Shop products so I'll definitely take this into consideration next time I pop in. Thanks and great post :)