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Monday, 7 July 2014

Beauty haul.

It's result day tomorrow and I always get really stressed out about it, and when I'm stressed I have a tendency to go shopping (I am a stress spender). I should really get someone to hold me back during times like these, but it did result in me getting a load of new beauty products which I can't wait to try out and review!

From Boots I got:
  • Face B4 Cleansing foam - I had heard good reviews from this recently and I had just run out of the current cleanser I use so I thought I'd give it a try. Though I did forget to buy the serum that comes with it so I'll be going back soon.
  • Sanctuary Spa Exfoliating Pore refiner - I use this every other day after cleansing, I use to use the cleanser that went with it, which I liked, but thought I'd go for a change.
  • Soap and Glory Puffy Eye Attack - It's importnat to keep the skin under the eyes healthy as they tend to show age sings first, so I was looking for an eye gel that wasn't necessarily anti aging as I'm only 21, but one that will make them brighter and feel healthier.
  • Kick Ass Blur and brighten concealer - I really needed a new eye concealer which helped brighten the under half of my eye so hopefully this will work nicely.
  • Remington Keratin therapy hair dryer - I was looking for a hair dryer more powerful than my current one as it takes forever to dry my hair, and this one came with all the different styling tools which I can't wait to learn how to use.
  • Kent round hairbrush - I've never owned a round hair brush, but since deciding to grow my fringe out I've been wanting more volume to my hair and I'm hoping this will help.

From The body shop: 
  • A muslin cloth 
  • A pumice stone
  • Lavender oil - which I like to use with an oil burner to help relax me at night.

From Lush:
  • Melting Marshmallow moment - I love the smell of this, It smells like an old fashioned sweet shop.
  • D'fluff strawberry shaving soap - Which again smells amazing, but almost everything from Lush does!
  • Charity pot hand and body lotion - This was a £1 donation and 100% of proceeds (minus VAT) go to charity.

From Debenhams: 
  • They're real Push-up liner - I am so excited to try this, so expect a review soon! 
  • They're Real remover sample - The lovely sales assistant gave me this free sample to test so I can decided if I want to buy the full one.

Expect a full review of these products soon!

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