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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Models Own - Sparkler.

 This July I received a bottle of Models Own nail varnish in Sparkler from my Birchbox and after wearing it for a week I thought I would do a more in depth review of it.

I saw this nail varnish as more as a top coat so I applied it with New York Noir by Nails Inc.  I think it has a really good effect teamed up with a dark base coat and as the intention with this nail varnish it looks a bit like a firework on the nails.

Sparkler is filled with lots of holographic strands in a clear nail polish and when in the sunlight the strands are really eye catching and sparkle different colours giving it a good effect. Though personally I don't think I'll be wearing this often as I felt the stands were a bit messy on my nails but I think that's just a bit of my perfectionism.

This nail varnish was easy to apply and I only used one coat, though sometimes I did have to do a few extra dabs where the holographic strips failed to apply. Once on this nail varnish lasted me the whole week apart from a few strips at the top of my nails which started peeling off.

The cost of this nail varnish is £5.00 and you can buy it here: 

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