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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lush - May Day bath bomb.

This afternoon I thought I'd do a quick review on this bath bomb that I picked up in Lush the other day.  It's called May Day and the money from this (excluding VAT) goes towards anti-badger cull projects in the UK.

Like I said this is only going to be a quick review as it was meant to be limited edition and only available in May, so they don't sell it on their website any more, however you may be lucky enough to find one in store.

I love the look of this bath bomb with its little badger imprint on it, which makes it look cute and fun. It also symbolizes that the when buying this product the money helps go to badger friendly charities. That is one of my favourite things about Lush, that most money spent on their products help to support a good cause.   

This bath bomb to me smells a bit like sherbet but it's not too over powring. It is made from fennel oil and rosewood oil, which is antiseptic and good for the skin.

Once placed in a warm bath it fizzes away and leaves the bath a musky white colour with tiny black dots, so it's not one of Lushes most interesting bath bombs. However saying that I did like the smell and it left my skin feeling soft.

I picked this bath bomb up for £2.95 from my local Lush store.

What is your favourite Lush product?

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