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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Burt's Bees mini collection.

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! Today I am going to review the Burt's Bees mini collection tin that I received as a Christmas present. This is the first time I have ever tried anything from Burt's Bees but I have always been interested in them since they use natural ingredients and don't test against animals.

In this tin cute little tin I received:
- Beeswax lip balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint.
- Lemon Butter cuticle cream.
- Hand Salve

Beeswax lip balm:

This lip balm is made with 100% natural ingredients with it's main ones being of course beeswax, vitamin E and Peppermint. After using it I find it leaves my lips really soft and helps with any severely dry/cracked patches I have. 

The only thing that I am unsure of is the peppermint. It does give the lip balm a really fresh smell but after applying it, it also has a cooling/tingling effect which personally I'm not that keen on. Other than that though it is a great product!

It would cost around £3.49 and you can buy it here:

Lemon Butter Cuticle cream:

I have never really looked after my cuticles before so I was interested in trying this out and see if it makes a difference. It really easy to apply as the cream melts easily and quickly into the skin, it also has this strong but delicious mouth watering lemon scent to it (so if you don't like lemon scents stay away from this!) Plus when you use it you only need the tiniest amount so it will last you for ages!

After using this for a while my cuticles and nails in general look and feel really healthy, and I will definitely continue using this. The only problem I had is that the tin can be a little tricky to get into, but I think that's because I have the mini version. 

A full sized product would cost £5.99 and you can buy it here:

Hand Salve:

The final product is a hand cream which has a slight lavender scent to it making it very relaxing so I like to use this before bed. It is very easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving my hand feeling instantly moisturised and soft.

Again I can sometimes I have some real problems getting into the tin, but I think with a bigger tin it would be easier. A full sized product will cost £8.99 and you can buy it here:

Overall I have really enjoyed using these products and will definitely look into other Burt's Bees products in the future! 

Have you tried Burt's Bees before?


  1. I have never tried any Burt's Bees products but they always give the appearance that they work really well (if that makes sense). Definitely want to try something from them, the cuticle cream sounds great. It's amazing how a bit of love and care can really improve the look of your nails.


  2. I love the look of Bert's Bees products - i think it's something about the packaging & the thought that it's all natural that attracts me to them.
    Definitely thinking about trying out the lip balm!