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Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Bloggers Hub London Fashion Week Party.

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Today I am going to talk about The Bloggers Hub London Fashion week Gossip Girl party that I went to last Tuesday. Now if your're on Twitter you have probably heard a lot about this event, but I actually had a really nice time!

First of all lets get this out of the way, there was a problem with the venue. It was very small and there were lots of Blair Waldorf's and Serena's crammed into it, so for a good hour it was hard to move around, but me and a few fellow bloggers decided to queue up to get our portraits done by the lovely Willa Gebbie who was probably the most popular person at the event.

We ended up queuing for just over an hour which seems ridiculous, but the end result was well worth it and if you ever see her at an event I would definitely recommend getting your portrait done by her! Also during this time it gave me the opportunity to speak to some lovely bloggers, and by the time we were finished the venue was a lot emptier and easier to move around, so this worked to our advantage!

Even though a few brands had packed up I still managed to talk to a lot of lovely companies, and few loads of great items, and I can definitely say when my student loan comes through I'll be purchasing a lot of new stuff that I saw.

I really liked the look of cloud 9 skin solutions which has a lot of products to target problem skin including, acne, Dry skin, cellulite and varicose veins. I really want to try their Clarity clearing spot gel treatment, and will be looking to try it soon!

These beautiful bracelets are from Louise McLeod and costs £65. Which seems a little pricey but they are made with the finest materials and also come with a 12 month warranty card  and polishing cloth which I think is great. As I have had a lot of bracelets in the past that have broke on me, so it's great to know you have the long warranty!

Now onto Nadia Minkoff and  this table was probably my favorite fashion brand there as I fell in love with most of the products, and I am very fussy when it comes to fashion! First of all how gorgeous are the silver clutch bags? They are made out of Italian leather and they both look and feel gorgeous and would make any outfit look great!  

And secondly I fell in love with these crystal skull earrings and I need them in my life! This picture does not do them justice, but trust me when I say they are gorgeous! To me they are both glamorous and punky at the same time, and I will own these eventually!

Another Brand I fell in Love with is Sniffy Wiffy, this company have such great ethics and each product has a label on how to check for cancer which is so important! For female products the labels have instructions on how to check for breast cancer, and on male products it's for testicular cancer.

For each item they sell they donate to charity, and none of their products have more than 5 ingredients in which is amazing! Plus they have an amazing scent range from Blueberry to even Guinness!  I was luckily to be gifted a Lemongrass and lime body lotion which has the most mouth watering scent, and I will do a full review soon!

One of the last brands I got to talk to was Souksy that do statement jewellery. They had some great items and I really loved the copper stacked bracelet pictured below. The items look gorgeous and are also they have a really nice weight to them, and won't weigh your neck down!

Even though there was a lot of crowding and negative reviews on the event, which I can understand why, especially if they had paid, I really enjoyed myself and met some lovely new people! Also I fully blame The bloggers hub for my now huge Gossip Girl addiction! 

Did you go to this event? What do you think of the brands?

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  1. I heard a lot of bad things about this event - so good to hear someone actually had a good time! I really love the look of some of the jewellery, it's gorgeous!