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Friday, 20 March 2015

March Birchbox review.

 Hi everyone, I hope you all are well and enjoying the first day of Spring! Today I am going to review this Months Birchbox who have teamed up with Habitat to create what I think is their prettiest box ever! 

This month I received: 

  • Catherine Malandrino - Style de Paris Perfume
  • Serenity Skincare - Dead sea bath salt
  • Lord & Berry - Bronzer in Sienna
  • Philop Kingsley - Smooth cream
  • Benefit - Roller Lash
  • A chapter sample of A perfect Heritage
  • A mini notebook

Catherine Malandrino - Style de Paris:

I have a small obsession when it comes to perfumes and probably own one too many (though can you ever own too many?) so a new perfume for me to try is always a treat. I really love this perfume as it is sweet, musky and fruity all at the same time and it is becoming one of my favourite scents at the moment! 

A 50ml bottle will cost £60 so it's not the cheapest, but I will definitely be repurchasing it!

Serenity Skincare - Dead Sea bath salts:

To me there is nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bath so I was happy to see a new bath product to try, however I was a bit disappointed in them. To me they didn't have any scent what so ever and they didn't really do much in the bath either, but this is my problem as I much prefer a more exciting bath with bubbles and colours!

However this is a multi-use product and you can use them as an exfoliator  as well, which I prefer using them as, though I can kind it to be a bit harsh so I wouldn't recommend them as this to anyone with sensitive skin.

A full sized product will only cost £9.50 and I think that would last you ages so they are a great price, but I wouldn't repurchase as I'm to much of a Lush fan!

Lord & Berry - Bronzer in Sienna:

It's only been in the last year that I have discovered the magic of bronzer and I think this one from Lord & Berry is amazing! It is the perfect shade for me with lovely soft tones which adds loads of definition to your face without making you look muddy. I think it is absolutely perfect for contouring as it is matte and blends in really well.

A full sized product would cost £19, so it's not cheap! However I would consider purchasing it once my current bronzer runs out.

Philip Kingsley - Smooth cream:

This hair product helps to nourish hair and get rid of frizz without weighing the hair down, and I think it does a perfect job of that. I like to apply a small amount to the ends of my hair after styling and it doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy after either. I also like that it has sun protection in it, so it is perfect for people with coloured hair as well!

A full sized product will cost £19, but I think it would last for ages and I would consider purchasing it.

Benefit - Roller Lash:

Now onto the most exciting product of them all, Benefits Roller Lash! How many reviews have you read about this mascara now, 10, 15, 100...? Well it's time for my review, and to cut it short it is now one of my all time favourites! It adds loads of curl to your lashes and leaves them looking long and feathery and if you want more volume you can build up the layers.

A full sized mascara will cost £19.50 and once I'm finished with the couple of samples that I have already accumulated I will definitely be purchasing!

Lifesyle extras:

The first extra was a chapter sample from a book called A perfect Heritage by Penny Vincenzi, and to be honest I just haven't had the time to read it but after reading the description of it I will look foward to relaxing and having a little read.

The second extra was this really cute little notebook which will fit anywhere and I think it is always useful to carry a notebook around just in case you need to write anything down so I keep this in my handbag! 

Overall I really loved this months Birchbox and really enjoyed trying all the new products! A subscription to Birchbox will cost you £12.95 per month including postage and packaging and you can subscribe here:

You can also buy everything in this post from here:

What do you think of this months Box?


  1. I really love the box you got (prefer the products to mine) especially those bath salts! I loved the perfume sample even if I was a bit disappointed there was one because you can usually get them for free but it was so nice. Definitely would consider getting the full product!


    1. The perfume is gorgeous isn't it! I really liked my box as well, I do love a new bath product to try!

  2. ooo you got some really good stuff! That notebook is really pretty! xxx

    Anisha - allyouneedisredlipstick.com

    1. I love the notebook, it's very handy to keep in my bag! :) xx