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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Botanics - Radiant Youth Hydrating eye cream.

Last year I discovered the importance of eye creams and have tried several to find the right one for me. Your eyes are always one of the first parts of your body to show the signs of aging due to the skin being so delicate, so it is important to look after them. So after a couple of months trying the Boots Botanics Hydrating eye cream I'm ready to give my verdict.

Now being only 21 I didn't want to go for a full on anti-aging line reducing eye cream as that's not what I need. However I do have a couple of lines/bags that I want to reduce and in general I wanted something to get rid of dark circles and prevent any lines from forming.

This eye cream contains vitamin E and C to help moisturise and Ginkgo to help protect the eye contour from stress and damage. To use you simply apply a small amount to the ring finger and dab along the top and the bottom of the eye to help it absorb.

This eye cream is super hydrating and you only need the tiniest amount when applying, in fact in the photo below the amount on my finger would easily do both eyes! It also absorbs super quickly into the skin as well.

I have been using this eye cream day and night now for the last two months and my eyes certainly look and feel better. My dark circles have definitely reduced and the skin around my eyes look more radiant and healthy. I have also noticed that the lines I have have been reduced, though they have not gone. Though to be honest I just think they're bags and I need to start getting more sleep! 

I have really enjoyed using this eye cream and would definitely repurchase it as I feel like it is keeping the skin around my eyes looking healthier and more radiant, and I also feel like I'm doing something to help protect them from aging.

This eye cream costs £8.99 which I think is great value, especially since it lasts for ages! And also when I purchased this I got it in a sale for £4.99, so if you see it on offer I'd definitely recommend picking it up! You can purchase it here:

What is your favourite Eye cream?


  1. Thanks for the info dear!! Nice post.
    Kisses from Spain.
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  2. Ive just purchased this hopefully its as good as they say on an amarican review it came out tops from a selection of 84 creams tested!