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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Lush Coalface review.

Hi everyone, today I am going to update you on my skincare routine. Last time I blogged about this I was using Dark Angles by Lush and I loved it however I also found it was very messy so when I saw Lush done a similar product in soap version I didn't hesitate to buy.

Now I like I said before the Dark Angles Cleanser was amazing, but it could get very messy and also I was worried about how harsh it was on my skin where I was using it twice a day, so when I saw Coal face which also contains Charcoal and rosewood oil I was sold.

Now as your'e probably tired of hearing I have oily spot prone skin, and the charcoal in this soap helps to absorb excess oil and the rosewood oil helps as an antiseptic to help get rid of any nasty spot causing germs. It also doesn't dry out the skin either as it contains liquorice root which helps to moisturise the face. 

To use you simply hold it under warm water and then rub it in your hands to transfer the product onto my hands, I then simply massage the product onto my face and then rinse off with a warm flannel. I find this the best way as I didn't want to rub the actual bar over my face as I didn't want to transfer germs.

This product doesn't foam too much when using, but I find it really does the job and has left my skin clearer, softer and less oily. Though I wouldn't recommend this product to take makeup off, and I always use a facial wipe before hand to take most of it off. 

I got 100g of this soap which only costs £4.95 which is a bargain! Especially considering I have used this almost every day and night for the last 3 months and still have loads left! You can buy it here:
Lush Coalface -£4.95

Have you tried Coalface?


  1. I have never tried a face product from LUSH before. The Coalface soap sounds like it would be great for my oily skin :)


    1. Lush have some really great face products, and I would definitely recommend this for oily skin as it has really helped mine! :)