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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Lancôme Paris - Hypnose Star Mascara gift set.

Hi everyone, I hope you all are well. Today I am going to review the Glamorous Eyes Lancôme gift set I got back in the boxing day sales, which seems ages ago now! In this set I received the Hypnose Star mascara, a mini Crayon Khol in noir and a mini Bi-Facial makeup remover.

 Hypnose Stara mascara:

Now I'm going to lie to you I actually picked this up having one of my silly moments thinking I was getting the Grandois mascara (which I was originally after) but after trying this out a few times I'm quite happy I got to try this! 

This mascara adds great length and curl to the lashes making them look really feathery and long. It also gives great volume, especially if you build up the coats you use. I find this mascara to be long lasting, and even lasted though a small crying session which is very beneficial. 

 (Ignore my messy eyebrows but here is one coat of mascara)

Le Crayon Khol - Noir:

I am a huge fan of eyeliners and feel naked when I'm not wearing any so I'm always excited to try a new one out. Initially I was quite disappointed with it and left it in the back of my makeup draw, but after going back to it I've found it slightly better.

Now when I first used it, it was very solid and would drag the skin on my eyes when I applied it so it was uncomfortable to use. Also it didn't really work on the waterline either leaving a very faint grey line.

However after leaving it alone for a while I think my room may have warmed it up a bit making it softer and easier to apply. I still don't like it on the waterline as you have to build it up a lot to get a bold black colour. But on the eyelid it is very good for drawing those tricky thin lines.

Also I finds that it lasts for a good few hours (roughly 6) so I think it might be one to try if you like thinner eyeliner. Though I would recommend warming it up first so it glides on easier.


This is a bi-phase makeup remover which you have to shake to activate. I've only ever used it to take off my eye makeup but I think it works great! It has a formula that is suitable for sensitive eyes and removes waterproof makeup with ease. Plus it is non oily which is a great benefit to me and my oily skin.

Overall I have really enjoyed trying out all these Lancôme products and would definitely look into trying more from their range. Also I'm glad because I managed to pick it up in Boots for about £15 I think (though this was long ago now so I don't quite remember)!  

Unfortunately I can't find the gift set anymore in Boots but I think you can find it on Amazon if you think this would make a great gift for someone. Otherwise I'll leave the links for the products separately here:

Have you used any Lancôme beauty products before?

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  1. That mascara looks really pretty, I love the way it curls your lashes!