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Monday, 18 August 2014

Nail Rock - Glitter Dust Red.

Hi everyone! So for the lack of posts recently, I have been so tired and feeling a bit run down so blogging had to take a step to the side for a while, but I'm hoping to get back on it this week! So today I am going to review nail rock nail polish in Glitter dust red.

This nail varnish has a bright classic red colour and comes with a small pot of glitter which comes in a slightly darker shade of red. To use this you apply one coat of nail varnish and allow it to dry and then immediately after adding the second you dip your fingernail into the glitter pot to transfer the glitter on.

 Now as you can imagine this can be a messy process can be a messy process (see picture below) so when I use this I choose to only do it one one nail. I find it is useful to make sure you have some cotton buds and a wet wipe near buy to help remove the excess glitter from your nails and skin. Also don't do what I done and try and blow the excess glitter off your nail especially when the glitter pot is right next to it as it will cause a glitter catastrophe! 

I really like the colour and the effect of this nail varnish however due to its quite messy process I only like to use it for special occasions. The wear time of this nail varnish isn't great for me and starts chipping within two days and the glitter starts coming off within one day too, however you could probably make the glitter last longer by using a top coat (However I didn't do this as I didn't want glitter in my topcoat every time I do my nails.)

To be honest I don't think I would ever repurchase this as even though it has a nice effect, I don't think it is worth the mess and hassle. I would much prefer to buy a standard glitter nail varnish.

These nail varnishes cost £6.99 and unfortunately I couldn't find this colour in the shops but you can buy different shades such as blue and burgundy here: 
They also do different effects such as sequins and caviar.

What do you think on this nail effect? Do you know an easier way to apply it?

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