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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

FaceB4 - Antibacterial Facewash and After Cleansing Serum.

Hey everyone! Today I will be reviewing the FaceB4 Anti-bacterial face wash and after cleansing serum. I am always on the lookout for any product that can help clear my skin up and after hearing some good reviews about this face system I went and bought them to try for myself.

The anti-bacterial face wash is a combined cleanser and toner. It has two separate compartments one filled with a clear liquid cleanser and the other filled with a green liquid toner, these are then combined with a dual nozzle. When the nozzle is pumped the liquids then come out as a clear foam.

To use I apply onto a wet face and than massage it in with circular movements, you then have to leave it on the skin for one minute and then you can rinse it off. It doesn't have the nicest smell but to be honest the smell also isn't very strong so it isn't off putting  and also if it helps to clear your skin up it doesn't matter too much.

Also when you are applying this if you have any paper cuts on your fingers this will sting when you are using it so make sure you are careful. I also find that after I have used it it does make my skin seem a bit worse and redder, but this tones down after a little while.

After using the face wash I use the after cleansing serum which has an easy to use pump so you can get the right amount of product out. The serum was meant to help sooth the skin and help to prevent any blemishes appearing.

The serum itself is a white cream and to use I simply apply to my fingertip and use light upward strokes to massage it into my face. Now I'm not going to lie this serum does not smell good at all, and I very much disliked putting it on my face in the morning after having a shower however I would say the smell doesn't last longer than five minutes on the skin.

I have been using these two products everyday for almost two months now and to be honest I am a little disappointed as I don't think it really worked well with my skin. I did notice a slight improvement but not enough to make me want to repurchase it again especially for the price it is at and also for the fact I really don't like the smell of the serum.

You can Purchase the FaceB4 face wash and serum in store or online at Boots:
The normal price for these are £14.95 so when buying them together it comes to a total of£29.90.
However Boots currently have an offer on so they are now only £9.97 each! So if you want to give this a try now is the time to buy them!

What is your favourite cleanser?

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