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Thursday, 21 August 2014


Hi everyone! Today I am going to review The Vitalumiere Aqua foundation by Chanel. The first thing I think of when someone mentions the word luxury is Chanel and this foundation matches up to the luxury I expect. I love being able to go out and treat myself to a high-end product and I love it even better when it matches up to my expectations.

This foundation has a soft liquid consistency which provides a nice light coverage. It is very natural looking when I apply it and it is good for those days when you want a fresh and healthy look to your face. Even though it provides a light coverage I find that it can be buildable over certain imperfections and it blends in easily.

When using you first have to give the foundation a good shake otherwise you will just get fluid coming out, and then I find it easier to apply it with my fingertips as when using a brush I find that I end up having to use more product. When I'm wearing this foundation it usually lasts me for around 5-6 hours before I need to think about reapplying. 

The packaging of this foundation is very sleek and stylish, and it comes with a thin nozzle at the top so you can squeeze the foundation out. The foundation itself contains SPF 15 which is always a bonus to help protect your skin but it does mean it comes with a slight sunscreen type smell, but to be honest it is quite a nice fresh smell and not very strong.

I only use this foundation when my skin is looking clearer as even though it does cover redness and slight imperfections I often need a fuller coverage foundation to help conceal any bigger imperfections. This also means that I am not wasting a lot of this product trying to build it up as this is a high end foundation.

This foundation costs £33 and you can buy it here: Chanel - VITALUMIÈRE AQUA.

What is your favourite foundation?

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