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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Body Shop - Colour Crush Mad About Blue.

Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping cool if you are stuck in this British heatwave we are having! Today I will be reviewing one of my new favourite nail varnish colours from The Body Shop which is perfect for the sunshine we are experiencing at the moment!

I've been looking for the perfect blue nail varnish for a long time now and when I found this one it was love straight away! It has this wonderful deep blue colour which isn't too dark or to minty, and I think it suits my colouring quite well.

All The Body Shop nail varnishes are 100% vegan which before trying already made them a winner in my books! The nail varnish was easy to apply, and I only needed two coats for the perfect colour. I also think you could get away with one coat if you were in a rush, but it could be a little streaky.

Once applied this nail varnish dries really quickly in about 10 minutes! Which is a massive pro for me as I hate waiting for nail varnish to dry and usually end up smudging it if it takes too long. Once dried it has a lovely bright, shiny colour that looks amazing on the nails!

The only con about this nail varnish though is that at about three days it does start to chip and peels off really easily, so if you are looking for a manicure that will last all week this isn't for you. But it's perfect for events, or if you get bored of your nail varnish quickly! 

Even though this nail varnish does have a slight problem with chipping and peeling I will definitely be purchasing more colours, because at £5 I think they are worth the money considering they are completely vegan! You can buy it here as well as other colours here:

What are your favourite nail varnishes?


  1. This is such a great colour for summer! I'll buy this tomorrow in town! Thanks xxx


  2. Hey! Really beautiful colour! Love blue :D