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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

July BirchBAG review.

Hi everyone! Today I am going to review this months very special BirchBAG, after a couple of months not receiving a Birchbox I was super excited to start getting them again, and this month was a great way to start off! 

This summer themed bag is perfect for travelling and putting all your important cosmetics in, and it came with these amazing products:
  • Balance Me - Congested Skin Serum
  • Benefit Cosmetics - Dream Screen
  • Jeff Christain - Parlor 
  • Pop Beauty - Eyeshadow trio in Peach Parfait 
  • UNANI - Aloe Vera gel
  • BirchBAag and Blue headband.

I have always wanted to try this product so I was super excited when I received it this month! It has a really calming and yet refreshing smell to it due to the lavender and lemon it contains and I really love it!

To use you simply either apply directly to the breakout, or to congestion prone skin as a preventative. When I first used it I applied it directly to the breakouts and it worked amazingly as the next morning they had disappeared! However when used as a preventative it caused my skin to have a massive breakout which I was not too pleased with!

A full sized product costs £16 which I don't think is too bad, but I wouldn't repurchase as my skin doesn't seem to work with it that well.

Another product I was really excited to try as I love Benefit and have always been interested in their sunscreen.To use you simply shake and apply onto clean, moisturised skin and it leaves my skin feeling really soft and matte which I love. It also provides a great base for makeup!

This sunscreen provides SPF 45 to your face which is amazing and a full sized bottle costs £25, and I would definitely consider purchasing it!

Again another product that I was really excited to receive (I told you this was a good box!) as I am a massive fan of sea salt sprays, and use them far too often! This one contains sweet almond oil and algae to add texture and also keep the hair really soft and healthy.

To use I apply to damp hair and then diffuse it with my hair drier and it creates this really wonderful beach wave look! It has this nice fresh smell mixed between cut grass and fruit which at first I wasn't sure on, but now it is growing on me! 

A full sized bottle costs £17 and I would definitely repurchase as it is one of the best sea salt sprays I have used!

To me this is the perfect eyeshadow trio, I love the golden colours as they go really well with my skin tone and make my blue eyes really stand out!  In fact I think this is my favourite item in this months bag, and there was some tough competition!

These eyeshadows have really great pigmentation and last for a good 6-8 hours, so I am super impressed, and together they make a perfect smokey eye! A full sized set (10 colours) costs £15.50 and I would definitely purchase! 

I have never used an Aloe Vera gel before but my boyfriend always uses it for dry skin so was excited to finally give some a try. This gel can be used on burns, eczema, bites and blemishes making it the perfect multi use product!

I have been using it on small cuts and blemishes and it has really helped to clear them up and I am very impressed with that! I also use it after shaving to help prevent irritation and razor burns, and it works well to reduce redness! 

A full sized product costs £15 and I would definitely purchase one!

Finally I received this pretty blue lace headband which has come in handy when applying my makeup to keep my hair out of the way, though I don't think I would wear it out as it's not really my style. You can buy a pack of 8 for £11.40. 

So overall you can probably tell that I fell in love with this months BirchBag and all the products I received, and I already can't wait to receive my next one! If you love the look of this months BirchBag as well you can subscribe to Birchbox here:

What do you think on this months box?

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