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Friday, 10 July 2015

REN - Vita Mineral Active 7 Eye Gel.

Hi everyone, I'm back today with a review of RENs Vita Mineral Active 7 eye gel. Now as you can probably tell within the last few months I have become a big fan of REN especially their clay cleanser and replenishing gel cream. So when I needed a new eye cream I couldn't wait to try one of theirs!

REN Vita Mineral active 7 eye gel

I really love the packaging of this eye gel, it comes in a nice thin plastic tube with a small pump on the top which makes it great for travelling as it's not big and bulky, and easy to apply. I much prefer an eye cream/gel with a pump rather than a pot as I feel like it's more hygienic, and I don't get any product stuck behind my nails.

To use I simply squeeze half a pump onto my fingers and then dab onto my eye contour area until it is absorbed. As you dab the the gel in it slowly melts, meaning that half a pump is more than enough for both eyes making this gel last forever, it also absorbs really quickly! 

Since using this gel both day and night for the last three months I have definitely noticed a difference in my eye contours. They look brighter, my dark circles have massively been reduced and if I have any puffiness this removes that, with a lovely cooling and refreshing sensation.

However I have had a small problem with this eye gel and that is that fact that it can sometimes irritate my eyes and cause them to sting for a little while after using. Now I wouldn't say I have sensitive eyes as they have never been irritated by anything before so I think they don't agree with one of the ingredients which is a shame as I really love this eye gel.

ren vita mineral active 7 eye gel

This eye gel costs £20 which I don't think is too bad as this will last you for ages! Even though I do love this eye gel, I don't think I will repurchase it as it does have the tendency to irritate my eyes but I just hope I can find something as good to replace it! You can buy it here:

What is your favourite eye cream?


  1. Great review, I've never tried anything by REN, but their products definitely sound like they're worth a try! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I would definitely recommend them! Their products are such high quality and not majorly expensive! :)