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Friday, 30 January 2015

SlenderToxtea - 14 day teatox review.

Hey everyone, today I am going to share my experience of doing the 14 day Slendertoxtea teatox. I have heard a lot about teatoxes and have always been interested in trying one, so when Slendertoxtea sent me this free trial I couldn't wait to get started!

In the 14 day teatox you get 14 daytime/morning teas and 14 nighttime teas. They are made from organic natural ingredients and they help to increase weight loss, improve metabolism, increase energy and cleanse your colon.

Now I wan't too interested in the losing weight aspect of the tea, but more of the fact it helps stop bloating. I suffer really bad from bloating and to be honest a lot of food effect me quiet badly when it comes to bloating and stomach aches so I was hoping this would help me out.

Both of the day and nighttime teas come in handy tea bags so you don't have to strain any loose leaves which is a great benefit if your'e in a hurry. To be honest I'm not a big tea drinker unless it's herbal/flavored tea and I wasn't the biggest fan of the taste, but luckily it doesn't have a massively strong tea taste so I was able to drink them, and I prefer them with a little added honey.

Now for the experience and I warn you now there may be a few too much information sections! On the back of the teas it does recommend that you start taking these on your day off and I would recommend that you start taking them if you have at least a couple of days off so you can get use to the effects.

Due to the colon cleansing the nighttime tea does have a laxative effect which roughly happens 8 hours after you drink it (I did warn you about the too much information!). The first day drinking was fine, however the second had a much more profound effect on me, which led me to having small stomach aches and needing the toilette.

For the third and fourth days I decided to brew the tea for less time roughly 1-2 minutes, and made sure I kept drinking plenty of water as this helps but unfortunately I still kept getting stomach aches and had to be close to the toilette.

And by the sixth day I had had enough. Unfortunately between being at uni stuck in lectures most of the day and sharing a bathroom with 3 other people I just couldn't keep it up. However for the few days I took it I did notice my bloating had improved, and my stomach looking flatter!  

So personally for me I just couldn't continue taking it due to my lifestyle, but I have decided to give it another go in the summer when I finish uni and come back home, as I hope it will have a good long term effect on my bloating situation. Also I did start to notice improvements in my skin and I hope if I do the full 14 days this will improve as well.

A 14 day teatox will cost you £19.99 and you can buy it here:

Would you consider doing a Teatox?

*I was sent this item for free by Slendertoxtea, but all of the opinions are mine and honest.

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