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Friday, 31 October 2014

Lush Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone! Today I am going to do a review on two of the Halloween Lush items. Now I know this is a bit late since they are going to run out of these soon but if you see them I'd definitely recommend picking them up as they are great! 

Sparkly pumpkin:

I love the design of this bubble bar, I think it is so cute and would make a great decoration in the bathroom for Halloween/Autumn. Now at first I was a bit put off of this bubble bar due to the amount of glitter around it , but I was pleasantly surprised to find that once crumbled into the bath it is not that glittery and you don't come out looking like a disco ball (though you may want to wash your hands after touching it!).

To use you only need to crumble a small amount into running water to get loads of lovely bubbles that last ages, and it also makes the bath water a gorgeous orange colour. This bubble bar has a light, clean citrus scent which I would usually go for but I really like it and it sticks around for a while.

This bubble bar costs £3.50 and I have managed to get about 6 uses out of it, which is great!

Lord of  Misrule:

Okay first of all I am going to say that this is my absolute favourite bath bomb from Lush and I am going to be devastated when  it leaves the store! I got this in a Halloween pumpkin knot wrap which is so cute, and is currently being used as a bandanna on my dog! 

This bathbomb has a lovely herbal musky scent which is perfect for the colder months and also put this in the bath when you have a cold and it does wonders! In fact I have even converted my mum to Lush with this bath bomb as she loves the scent too!  

Once you put this in the bath it slowly fizzes around turning the bath green and then all of the sudden it explodes pink, starts crackling due to the popping candy inside and you are left with a gorgeous wine coloured bath.

This bath bomb costs £3.50 and I would definitely recommend picking one up! 

What do you think on these Lush products? 


  1. I love the Lush knot wraps, I got one in a bumblebee knot wrap last year and absolutely loved it. I'm gutted I didn't try the Pumpkin bubble bar this year because it does look great if not like you say a bit too glittery. I tried the hedgehog bubble bar and really loved it :)


  2. WOW they look amazing - I love the look of these Lush bombs I have never tried one! Want to get my hands on some Christmas ones

    London Beauty xxx

  3. great post, I really wanted to try the pumpkin one so hopefully the store near me will have some left! would really love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)