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Friday, 12 February 2016

Lush - Intergalactic bath bomb.

Since my shower is broke and I've been stressed with uni work I have basically been living in the bath, and no bath is complete without a Lush product. So I'm back today with a review on the Lush intergalactic bath bomb.

This bath bomb is one that I thought I would never be that interested in, but after using it a few times I am completely in love with it. It has a peppermint scent to it, which I thought I wouldn't be that keen on, but I actually find it to be very uplifting and if you have a cold this bath bomb will be a life saver! 

Once you place this into the bath it slowly fizzes away to reveal a rainbow of colours from yellow, pinks and greens, leaving you with a beautiful blue bath. But what I really love and think is really unique is that the bath has two tones of blue, light blue at the top and dark blue in the bottom! It also contains glitter which make the whole thing very pleasing to look at, and it really does feel like your staring at a galaxy.

I haven't found this bath bomb to stain the bath, but you do need to rinse away the glitter that's left behind. Once out of the bath I find my skin to be soft and the scent lingers for a while! 

I really do love this bath bomb, and honestly when I'm in it I feel like a space mermaid, which is only a good thing! This bath bomb costs £3.95 and you can buy it here: Lush intergalactic - £3.95

What's your favourite bath bomb?

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