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Friday, 29 January 2016

Lush - Yoga Bomb.

It has been far too long since I last posted a lush bath bomb review so I thought I would fix that by blogging about one of my all time favourite bath bombs, Yoga Bomb. This bath bomb may not have the most exciting look about it compared to all the other colourful products they have, but I love it, and think you should definitely have a look next time your'e in store!

The smell of this bath bomb may not be for everyone as it has quite a heavy, woody scent but it does have a slightly fruity undertone to it which I love! I find the scent lasts for a while after getting out of the bath too. This bath bomb contains sandalwood oil, Olibanum oil and Ho wood oil which contribute to that woody scent, and I find them to be really relaxing and calming scents.

Once placed in the bath it slowly fizzes away to reveal colours of orange, blues and purples. Since this bath bomb does take a while to dissolve I think it's therapeutic to watch it fizz away in the bath changing colours as it works as a good distraction to the mind.

This bath bomb does contain some gold shimmer to it, but I don't mind that as I don't come out of the bath looking like a disco ball, and it's really easy to wash away afterwards as well. Also I haven't found this bath bomb to stain the bath either.

I really love this bath bomb and I always repurchase it when I want a nice relaxing pamper evening, or if I'm having a really stressful day (which is a lot whilst writing my dissertation!) If your'e in the Lush store I would definitely recommend you having a sniff of this and you can buy it here: Lush Yoga Bomb - £3.95.

What's your favourite bath product?


  1. Love this bath bomb, so bright and colourful! Lovely review :) xx