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Sunday, 12 April 2015

REN - ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser review.

Hi everyone, today I am going to review one of my favourite cleansers that I have ever tried which is the REN clarifying clay cleanser. In fact I love this cleanser so much I even have a back up of it, and I never have backups of anything so that's saying something!

REN is soon becoming one of my favourite skincare brands and I now own many of their products after trying this one! They use 100% natural products in their items, and apart from a view exceptions that contain beeswax and milk their products are vegan friendly too! 

Now you're probably bored of reading thing this if you are a regular reader but I have oily blemish prone skin, and was looking for a cleanser to help purify the skin and this seemed like the perfect choice. It contains French clay and zinc gluconate which help to draw out impurities and the manuka extract acts as an antibacterial to stop the build up of spot causing germs.

To use you simply apply one pump into damp hands and then massage on your face for around 1-2 minutes. I usually try and do it for the whole 2 but it depends how lazy and tired i'm feeling. I then like to wash it off with a damp flannel.

After using this cleanser both morning and night for a week my skin was looking the clearest it has been for ages, however I also noticed it was staring to dry out and I started getting dry patches on my skin. But after using this with an exfoliator every other day that problem was fixed.

Though now I only like to use this cleanser at night as it is quite expensive and I wanted it to last longer, and also I feel like it really cleans my skin after a long day. So in the morning I still like to use my Lush Coalface cleanser.

Also the packaging of this cleanser is quite fancy as the cleanser is contained in a plastic bag, so as you use it the bag gets smaller and overall you get more use out of the product! Also it prevents any germs from the air getting into the product, so it's a great idea!

I have now been using this cleanser every night for the last few months and my skin looks so much clearer it is unbelievable! Plus after using it it makes your skin feel silky soft too. This cleanser costs £19 but I think it's worth it. This bottle lasted me for about 2 and a half months and like I said I already have a back up. You can purchase it here:

Have you tried anything from REN?


  1. This cleanser seems really good and since it contains clay, I think it would be perfect for my skin which is really oily!


    1. I'd definitely recommend it if you have oily skin, as it has helped to reduce the oil my skin produces!