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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Lush Easter collection.

Hi everyone, Easter is almost here (My favourite time of the year!) so I thought I would do a review on a couple of products from the Lush Easter collection. As well as the Golden Egg which I reviewed I also purchased the Immaculate Eggception and the Fluffy Egg bath bombs which I will be stocking up on.

Immaculate Eggception bath bomb:

I absolutely love the smell of this bath bomb and it reminds me slightly of the Lord of Misrule bath bomb from Halloween. It contains vanilla, grapefruit and lemon oil so it is uplifting but also has a lovely faint musky smell to it making it perfect for both the morning and evening.

The great thing about this bath bomb is that also it contains three bath bombs in one. When you get it you can crack the egg in half, which I did find slightly tricky, and once opened you either get a little chick/rabbit to use.

Once placed in the bath it fizzes away and leave the bath a bright yellow, and after using it the scent lingered on my skin. This bath bomb costs £6.95 which seems pretty expensive but since you get 3 baths out of it I think it's a good price. You can buy it here: Lush Eggception - £6.95

 Fluffy Egg Bath bomb:

Now if you are a fan of snow fairy at Christmas time you will love this bath bomb as it smells exactly the same. It is so sweet and refreshing and the scent lingers on the skin all day after. When you place it in the bath it fizzes away and leaves the bath a lovely pink colour.

This bath bomb only costs £2.95 so I think it is a good price and would definitely purchase it again. You can buy it here: Fluffy egg - £2.95

Have you tried any of the Lush Easter products?


  1. I'm a huge Lush fan!! :) the fluffy egg is a favourite of mine this easter <3
    Chloe xx

    1. I think fluffy egg was my favourite as well! x