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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

April Birchbox review.

Hi everyone, today I am going to review this months gorgeous looking Birchbox who are celebrating the arrival of the new royal baby! This month I got a great selection of products which includes:
  • Laura Mercier - Foundation Primer.
  • Lola Barcelona - Nail polish in Rambla.
  • Percy & Reed London - Smoothed, sealed & sensational volumising no oil oil.
  • Bliss - Fabulous foaming face wash.
  • Korres - Bergamot pear body milk.
  • Befine - Warming clay mask.

Laura Mercier - Foundation Primer:

I have always wanted to try a Laura Mercier primer as I have always heard brilliant reviews about them, so I was super excited to be able to choose this product to receive in my Birchbox! After using it for a few weeks I can see why it has all the good reviews.

This primer has a gel like consistency that sinks into the skin quickly and helps to minimise the appearance of all my pores. Also it hasn't caused my oily skin to break out either! 

A full sized product costs £29 so it's a bit pricey and I think on my student budget I'll stick to my Body shop tea tree primer.

Lola Barcelona - Nail polish in Rambla:

First of all the name of this nail polish is perfect for me and my blog because I am definitely a 'rambla', secondly the shade of this nail polish is a gorgeous coral colour perfect for summer! It was easy to apply and only needed two coats, and lasted for about 3-4 days!

This nail polish is exclusive to Birchbox and costs £7.50.

Percy & Reed - Smoothed, Sealed & sensational volumising no oil oil:

Well this is a bit of a mouthful to say, but it works wonders! To use I apply to wet hair and then blow dry, and it really adds volume to my hair, whilst making it soft and smooth at the same time! It also contains heat protection and vitamin B5 to keep hair healthy, so it really does everything you want it to!

A full sized product costs £14 and I'd definitely repurchase it!

Bliss - Fabulous Foaming face wash:

I'm always a tad cautious when using a new face wash as my skin uses any opportunity it can get to break out, but I actually really like this one! It has this lovely gel like texture with small exfoliator particles that aren't too harsh on the skin. It has this lovely fresh but yet calming smell to it, and has also kept my skin relatively clear.

A full sized product costs £19.50 and if it wasn't for the fact that that I love my current skincare routine I would buy this.

Korres - Bergamot pear body milk:

This was the only product that I was disappointed with this month but mainly because I am not keen on the fruity/floral scent to it, I much prefer a sweeter scent. When using I found that I needed a good amount cover all of my legs, but it did absorb quickly and leave my skin feeling soft.

A full sized product costs £10.

Befine - Warming clay mask:

I love a face mask and try to use them twice a week so was excited to receive this! This clay mask is perfect for oily blemish prone skin as it helps to remove impurities and control oil. After using it my skin felt softer and looked calmer, plus it felt really nice on the skin.

A full sized product costs £17 but I think I'll stick to my Lush cupcake mask as I know this works well for me, and plus it smells gorgeous!

Overall I really loved this months Birchbox, there was a great selection of products and the design was super pretty! You can sign up to Birchbox here for £12.95 a month including postage and packaging:

You can also get all the products mention in this post here:

What do you think of this months box?


  1. Love your photography! We always seem to do our Birchbox reviews at the same time - mine's going up tomorrow. I got the limited edition box instead, but I really love the look of this one!


    1. Thank you! We must be in sync! I really liked the look of the limited edition one but never got round to buying one :(

  2. I got the Laura Mercier primer too :D Its brilliant xoxo


    1. I really like it, I just wish it wasn't so expensive! xx