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Monday, 15 August 2016

Origins - Out of trouble mask.

 I feel like I could be having a total crazy moment, and please stop me if I'm right, but I feel like I have already written this blog post. There is something in the back of my mind telling me that I have written about this mask, and yet I cannot find it at all on my blog! Though all this could be because of how much I love this mask, and how I have been meaning to blog about it since January...

I got this face mask way back in December last year, and I honestly don't know how I could live without it now. Origins have always been well known for their face masks so I finally decided to pick up the Out Of Trouble mask, which contains salicylic acid and zinc oxide that helps to clear spot prone and oily skin.

The first thing I noticed about this face mask is that it has quite a strong smell that reminds me of Olbas oil, so if you have a sensitive nose this may be one to stay clear from. However if you pair this with the Intergalactic Bath Bomb from Lush you have the perfect cold clearing combo! Though the smell is initially quite strong once applied to the face it fades, and only comes back slightly as you wash it off, so you don't have to deal with the smell for long if you don't like it.

To use you simply apply a layer over a clean face and leave it on for 10 minutes whilst you relax, then all you need to do is rinse of with a warm flannel. A thing that I love about this face mask is how easy it is to rinse off, as with the Lush Cupcake face mask washing it off could seem like bit of a chore!

As soon as I wash this face mask off  I can really notice a difference in my skin, it feels softer and looks clearer! Though sometimes the next day it may have brought out a few under the skin spots, but these clear very quickly after!

I have been using this face mask pretty much once a weak since the beginning of January and only now have I needed to repurchase! So I would say it's definitely worth that original £24, as it goes a long way! You can buy it here: Origins Out Of Trouble - £24.

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