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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

L'oreal - Nude Magique cushion foundation.

Today I am going to review a foundation that I never thought I would love. A few months ago practically the whole beauty community was talking about the new L'oreal cushion foundation, which of course I fell into the hype of, and for once it was a hype that didn't disappoint...

This foundation comes in a small pot that has two sections: the first section contains a small sponge to use for application and the second larger section contains the actual foundation. The lid also has a very generous sized mirror in that I have found to be very useful. Now in all honesty I'm not a fan on the sponge and end up throwing it away, but the foundation itself is beautiful! 

To use you simply press the sponge into the cushion which releases the foundation, and then you lightly bounce it onto your face. Personally though, I prefer to use my real techniques buffing brush to apply it and then go over it with a makeup sponge, which I find gives it a very natural and even finish.

This foundation has a light to medium coverage that is very easy to build up, and gives a lovely natural finish. I even find that when my skin is looking a bit worse for wear, about three thin layers will pretty much cover any imperfection up! 

I'm now onto my second pot of this, as I have basically used it every single day for the last few months! I have found it to last quite well on my oily skin, even giving me 8 hours of wear! I even used this on my graduation day instead of my Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation, as I think it's that good!

 However the only problem I have noticed is that when the foundation starts to run out it is very difficult to get any out on my brush, as all the foundation moves to the corners of cushion! Now this could be because I'm using a brush instead of the sponge intended, but it does mean it starts to become slightly trickier to get enough foundation out.

I honestly love this foundation, and it is currently my new favourite, which is something I never thought I would say because ever since I started wearing foundation I have always loved heavy coverage matte foundations! This foundation costs £14.99 and you can buy it here: L'oreal nude magique - £14.99.

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