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Monday, 4 July 2016

Zoella - Sweet Inspirations range.

The Zoella beauty range has been an ever growing collection over the last few years with much hype over it, however it never really got my full attention. In part, this was mainly because I wasn't too keen on the scents, and honestly I thought it looked a little young for me. However once I heard about a range being inspired by macaroons, I was far more interested so went in store to have a smell. 

First off all this packaging really caught my eye, and I probably would have walked away with the bath latte no matter what the smell was like! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and I have never seen anything like it before. In my opinion I think it looks more mature than the other Zoella ranges, and it certainly looks very nice sitting in the bathroom.

When I first went to smell the range the only thing that wasn't fully sealed was the body mist, and to be completely honest I wasn't that impressed as I could hardly get any scent from it at all, but from the very faint scent that was there I decided it was worth a shot with the Bath Latte and Le Fizz bar.

Now these products I'm not disappointed with! The smell is a sweet vanilla, but with a hint of muskiness to it that makes it very comforting and relaxing. The smell also lasts when they are being used in the bath, and also leaves your skin smelling lovely after.

The bath latte produces a huge amount of bubbles, so when using it you only need to use the smallest amount. When I first used it I added way too much and almost flooded the bathroom with bubbles! It also leaves the water an almost pale blue, not that you can see this under the bubbles though! 

Le fizz bar is a great concept where you can break off as much as you want and place it into your bath water where they fizz away. Personally I find they are a bit boring as they just sink to the bottom and fizz, so I add them in with the bath latte, and they make the water beautifully soft! 

I am quite impressed with these bath products and will definitely be repurchasing when I run out! The Bath Latte costs £6 and Le fizz Bar costs £5 making them very affordable, especially when comparing them to lush products. You can purchase them in Superdrug or online here: Zoella Sweet Inspirations

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