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Monday, 26 September 2016

Urban Decay - Beached Bronzer.

Bronzer is a relatively new item in my makeup kit which now I wouldn't be without. When I was younger I never saw the point in them and most of the time if I did use one they would look very orange on my somewhat ghost complexion. However once Urban Decay released this beauty I have fallen in love.

First of all the packaging is gorgeous, and they must of had bloggers in mind when they designed it as it is both rose gold and has palm trees (Insert heart eye emoji). The packaging seems quite stable as I have done a lot of travelling with this and the product hasn't broken and the design hasn't rubbed off at all!

The actual bronzer itself is just as beautiful as the packaging. I got the shade Sun Kissed which is a light matte bronze shade, that doesn't come up orange at all on my skin tone. It really helps to add warmth to my skin, and also works great as a subtle contour when I'm having a lazy day, but still want my cheekbones to show! 

The powder is so incredibly soft as it's been finally milled, and it blends in like a dream. It doesn't come of streaky and is really easy to build up if you want that I've just come back from holiday look. 

This bronzer cost £20 which is a bit pricey, but I have been using this almost everyday since about April and I haven't even made a dent! So this will definitely last you a while. You can buy it here: Urban Decay Beached Bronzer - £20. 

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