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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

REN - Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Gel Cream.

Hi everyone, I'm back! My laptop has finally been fixed and I am so happy to be blogging again as this small break has made me realise how much I love blogging, so today I am going to review RENs Clearcalm 3 replenishing Gel Cream, something I have fallen in love with.

After using RENs Clearcalm 3 Clay cleanser for a while (which I love!) I finally decided to try out another product in the range and this seemed like the perfect product. This gel cream helps to combat blemishes and redness whilst replenishing the skin, and it really works!

I like to this product at night as it's not the strongest moisturiser, but if my skin is having a particularly bad breakout I will apply it in the morning as well. When using you only need the tiniest amount and I only use about half a pump, so this 50ml will last forever!

It has a light herbal smell which is slightly sweet and I also find it very calming, making it perfect for a night time treatment. Once applied it absorbs into the skin really quickly, and leaves my skin feeling really soft.

After using it for a week I could clearly see a difference in my skin! My redness has gone down, my scars were reduced and I hardly had any blemishes. In fact since using this my skin has never looked better and my breakouts have considerably been reduced! 

As you can probably tell I really love this moisturiser and would definitely recommend it if you suffer with breakouts and blemishes. 50ml costs £23 but I think its worth it due to the effect it has on my skin and plus because you only need a small amount it will last for ages! You can buy it here:

Have you tried any REN products?


  1. Sounds like it works a charm! :D

    Jeni ~elfsbeauty

    1. It really does! I can't believe how well it works :D