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Friday, 17 February 2017

Charlotte Tilbury - Eyes To Mesmerise in Bette.

Since I started off the week with a Charlotte Tilbury review, I thought I would end the week with one too. I really do have an obsession with her makeup! These little eye shadow pots really caught my eye as they looked very luxurious sitting on the counter, and since I have a massive weakness for gold toned eye shadows I had to pick one up.

The Eyes to Mesmerise collection is a set of cream eye shadows that I think have a really unique texture. It is almost like water and is very cooling on the eyes when you apply it, which I actually quite like, but it did take me by surprise when I first applied it!

I picked up the shade Bette which is a beautiful amber toned gold, and when I wear it I get a lot of compliments as it brings out the blue in my eyes. To apply you only need the tiniest bit as the shadow is very pigmented. I literally just tap my brush lightly into the pot and that gives me enough to cover one eye, so this small pot will last a while! 

Because of the texture, I find that it is easier to apply with either my fingers or a small dense brush. I would also say because of the water like texture it does take a little while to dry down on the lid, otherwise it will crease.

When you apply it you can either build it up to a strong metallic finish or leave it as a sheer wash of colour. It is really easy to blend out and once it has dried down it basically lasts on my lids all day! 

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to mesmerise Bette swatch

Since this is from Charlotte Tilbury the price is a little steep at £22, but I honestly love everything about this eye shadow and it looks very luxurious on my dressing table. If you're looking to treat yourself you can buy it here: Charlotte Tilbury Bette eye shadow - £22.

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