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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Boots Botanics - Hydrating day cream.

Budget skincare is something I've always enjoyed testing, and since graduating from uni and being unemployed, I've been testing a lot of it! Boots has always been my favourite place to discover new skincare, and when I saw the Botanics range on special offer I thought I'd pick out some items to try.

Recently my skin has gone from being oily to dry, back to oily and then somewhere in between. So I decided to pick up the hydrating day cream as I find it's easier to treat slightly oily skin than flaky dry patches.

This cream has a bouncy gel like texture that you only need a small amount of to cover your entire face. So this face cream is really great value for money! It sinks in really quick and leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft, it also has a really delicate fresh scent that I love.

What I'm most happy about with this moisturiser is that it hasn't caused my skin to break out at all, which is a very rare thing. Even though it is specified as a day cream I have used this both morning and night with no problems what so ever.

I really love this face cream as it's great value for money and works brilliantly, I'm even on my second tub of it! It costs £7.99 but you can often find special offers on it in Boots, and you can buy it here: Boot Botanics Hydrating Day Cream - £7.99.

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