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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Essie - Gel Couture Nails.*

I have a love hate relationship with painting my nails. I love the look of my nails when they are painted and neat, but sometimes fitting the time in to paint them can seem like a chore! So when Essie brought out their own gel nail range promising to last 12 days, I couldn't wait to try them!

Essie Gel couture rock the runway couture curator
First off the bottles for these nail polishes are gorgeous! They feel and look very luxurious and they are definitely unique as I haven't seen anything like them anywhere else, though this could be for a reason. When you have them out on display they look very pretty, but when trying to store them I find that the shape doesn't allow them to stack nicely together so they take up more room, but I'll look past this as they are that pretty! 

I have the shades 'rock the runway', a very lovely bright red, and 'couture curator, which is a bright Barbie pink colour. I love the red shade, but couture curator is just not for me! Though it does really enhance a tan, if you've just got back from holiday.

Both shades apply really well with no streaks, and I find that two coats is more than enough for a full opaque colour. The topcoat also applies smoothly and drys usually within 20 minutes, depending on how thick the coats I've done are! 

A great feature about these polishes is that not only is the bottle twisted, the brush handle is twisted as well! This is so nail polish is captured on the brush, so it doesn't drip off and ruin your nails or surrounding areas! 

On the instructions it says you can apply without a base coat, but I find on my nails it applies easier and lasts longer with one. The first time I applied it I was really disappointed as it only lasted 3 days! Though that must have been a fluke as every other time I have managed to get around 8-10 days, that's still not the whole 12 but in my eyes it's very impressive! Couture curator also managed to last 14 days on my toes without chipping off! 

Essie Gel couture rock the runway
(Excuse the rubbish nail art job I have done here!)

I love these nails polishes and will definitely be investing in some more staple colours for my collection, for when I'm having a busy week and can't repaint! Each polish costs £9.99 and you can buy them here: 

*These items were sent to me by the Boots Review Panel, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Ooh these sound amazing! I love having chip-free nails but find constantly painting boring & just can't justify constant trips for gels.. so these sound like the perfect compromise! x