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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Ole Henriksen - Truth Serum.

After a couple of stressful months of dissertation writing and final exams, I am finally free! Now as you can imagine my skin has been all over the place due to this stress and my poor diet choices (I have literally lived of sugar) but the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum has saved it, and I've already purchased my second bottle of it! 

This serum contains vitamin C and antioxidants that help to brighten and even out the skins complexion, as well as being anti-aging. Firstly this serum smells like fresh orange juice, which I love! It really helps to wake me up in the morning, but also it isn't too strong and fades quickly so it should be okay if you have sensitive skin, or a sensitive nose.

Another feature I really like about this serum is the bottle, to get the product out you have to twist the lid slightly and then pump. Which makes this perfect for travelling as you won't get any accidental leakages, which has happened to me too may times before.

You can use this serum both in the morning and evening, but because of its lovely energizing smell I only use it in the morning and use my REN Clear Calm 3 gel in the evening. To use you simply apply around half a pump to a pump to your face, and massage it in after cleansing and before your moistruiser. 

This serum sinks very quickly into the skin so there's no waiting around for anything to dry before your next skincare step, and straight after using my skin immediately feels softer and looks that tiny bit more radiant.

I have been using this now for the last 5 months and my skin loves it! It hasn't caused me to break out at all, and I think it has even helped to prevent breakouts! It has also really evened out my skin tone, reducing redness and scars, and overall it just looks healthier! 

This serum isn't the cheapest out there, as I pay £47 for 30ml but it does last for around 4/5 months if you only use it in the morning, and £10 per month isn't too bad price wise! However, if you want to try it out before you commit to the larger size you can buy a 15ml size for £23.50. Plus sites such as Look fantastic and Feel unique always have amazing discounts and offers, so I always wait for them to appear! You can but this serum here: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum - £23.50.

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