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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Revlon - Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors.

Matte liquid lipsticks have been all the rage recently and it is a bandwagon that I am happy to jump on! I find that overall liquid lipsticks are easy to apply and long lasting, which is great for someone like me who to be honest, is just to lazy to touch up my makeup when I'm out! So as soon as these Revlon ones hit the shelf I rushed out to pick them up!

 First of all I love the packaging as they come in clear containers so you can see exactly how much you have and what colour you're getting, also the slim design of them makes them super easy to store. Which obviously means I can buy more right..?

The first thing that I noticed about these lip colours is that they have quite a strong smell which was meant to be mango and vanilla, and to me it smells like jelly beans! The smell is quiet strong, but it does fade so you can't smell it all day, so if you do have a bit of a sensitive nose I would suggest trying one of the in store testers first.

The texture of these lip colours are really soft, they are not too creamy and not too watery and i think they feel really comfortable on the lips. Now even though they say they are matte, I would maybe call it more of a semi-matte/satin finish, which I like as they does feel really comfortable and doesn't cause my lips to flake.

Something I really love about these are the doe foot applicators. I think they are the perfect length and the tip of it is nice and thin making it easy to line the lips, and it gets thinker around the bottom to apply the rest of the colour. And in all honesty I think these are the easiest lipsticks to apply that I have, and even applying the darker shades doesn't scare me!

When you first apply, they do take a while to dry and you do get a bit of transfer so I would apply at least an hour before if you're planning on going out to eat/kissing, but once they do dry they last for at least 5 hours depending on what you're doing.

From top to bottom I have the colours Devotion, Passion and Addition and I love them all! There are 7 different colours available and they are only £8.99 each, and often in Boots you can get them 3 for 2! You can buy them here: Revlon Ultra HD Matte lipcolor - £8.99

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