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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Lush - The Rough with the Smooth.

Hello everyone I'm back and I'm happy to be reviewing a new favourite body scrub of mine The Rough with the Smooth sugar scrub from Lush. Now don't get me wrong I still love my The Breakfast Scrub from Soap and Glory but how could I not buy this Lord of Misrule scented scrub which I think is perfect for these colder months! 

Lush The rough with the smooth body scrub
This Body scrub is made from granulated sugar and murumuru butter which really exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and moisturied. Though due to the granulated sugar, if you have sensitive skin you might find this scrub a little harsh, but it really does remove any dead skin you have.

Also due to it being made of granulated sugar it does get very soft very fast. So if you use this in the shower I recommend moving out of the direct stream of water, and whatever you do don't drop it in the bath! But saying that mine has survived a quick drop in the bath and is still going strong after 7 uses. Also I would recommend keeping it in a little box to stop it getting wet when not in use, I use the little tin that you can buy from lush.

Like I said above this body scrub has the same scent as the beloved Lord of Misrule bath bomb that came out last year, so it has this warming musky scent that also has a sweetness to it thanks to black pepper, patchouli oil and vanilla. I think this scent is perfect for winter as I find it nice and spicy and warming. Also I find the smell lingers on the skin for a few hours after using it!

Lush The rough with the smooth body scrub
This body scrub costs £5.95 which can seem a bit pricey as I think you won't get as many uses from it compared to The Breakfast Scrub, but if you are careful with it and avoid getting it too wet I definitely think it will last at least for 15 uses, and I will definitely be repurchasing it. You can buy it here: 
The Rough with the Smooth - £5.95

What is your favourite body scrub?


  1. I adore spicy and warming scents in winter so must give this a go! I loved the little pumpkin bubble bars from the Halloween collection but always end up missing Lord of Misrule for some reason xD I always come back to Soap and Glory though, I am the same! xx

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  2. I haven't tried this one, sounds lovely though!