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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Elegant Touch - Constellation False Nails.

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well! Today I am reviewing something that I never thought I would review.. False nails. I have only ever had used them twice in my life and that was over 6 years ago, and never used them since as I just could not get on with them. However after seeing these rose gold beauties I don''t know how I was meant to walk past them!

Elegant Touch Constellation
These false nails have a wonderful shiny, metallic finish that can basically act as a mirror, and as I said they are also that beautiful rose gold colour that nobody can get enough of at the moment! And whilst wearing them I got a lot of compliments! 

So as you can probably guess I really don't have much expertise on applying false nails, but I found the application quiet easy (though I did have a few wonky ones!) and used the glue that came with set. I also found them quick to apply only taking 5 minutes for them all to be applied and fully dry! I also love the fact that even though I have quite small fingernails they had nail sizes to fit me, which I remember being a struggle years ago.

After applying them I was very surprised that they lasted on my nails for a whole 5 days without coming off (apart from one that went flying when i tried to open a box)! Also I was happy with the length of them as they wasn't too long and I was still able to do daily tasks with them.

Elegant Touch Constellation
Overall I was really happy with these nails and they may have converted me into a false nails fan, so I will be definitely checking out more of the Elegant Touch false nail range! This set cost me £7.95 and for that you get 24 nails of different sizes, glue and buffer! You can buy them from Superdrug or online here: Elegant Touch Constellation - £8 

What do you think of false nails?


  1. Love the colour of these! I found that they didn't really fit around the base of my nail near the cuticle and my hair would get caught if I ran my fingers through it... might just be my strange shaped nails though!


  2. this is very beautiful. I've never used false nails but these ones make me wanna try them