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Friday, 28 August 2015

August Birchbox review.

Hi everyone I'm back, can you believe it? It fees like ages since I lasted blogged and I have missed it! Today I am going to review this months Emoji themed #BeautyJunkie Birchbox. I love the design of this box and in it I received:
  • Formula 10.0.6 - Overnight Success 
  • Huygens - Exfoliating Cream
  • Kebelo - Clarifying Shampoo
  • Rituals - Ayurveda Scrub
  • Lord & Berry - Lotus Blush
  • The Balm Cosmetics - Balm Desert 
  • Emoji Stickers
August Birchbox review

Formula 10.0.06 overnight success review

Formula 10.0.6 - Overnight Success:

I was really interested when I received these as I had seen a view reviews on them and wondered if they really work. They look like little sticky tabs and they contain tea tree and grape seed which were meant to help sooth the skin.

To use you simply stick onto any blemish before bed, and then peel it off in the morning. I did try using them during the day too, but if you only leave them on for an hour or so they're still a bit sticky and pulls at the skin a bit when you try and remove them.

After using these I didn't find them to make a big difference in helping to reduce my blemishes so I wouldn't purchase them. However a pack only costs £2.95, so they are definitely worth a try! 

Huygens Exfoliating cream review
Huygens - Exfoliating cream:

I love a good facial scrub so I'm always excited to try a new one. When I first opened this pot the smell of it took me by surprise and I wasn't too sure on it, but after using it for a while I realised that I recognise the smell from the mint lemonade I get and now I quite like it, and think it's great to use in the morning as it's really refreshing.

I use it after cleansing with my Emma Hardie Moringa balm and it leaves my skin feeling really soft. Plus you only need a small amount when using so it will last for ages! A full sized pot (50ml) costs £17.90 and I'm not sure if I would repurchase as I love the Lush facial scrubs that are a fraction of the price. 

Kebelo clarifying shampoo review

Kebelo - Clarifying shampoo:

I have never tried a clarifying shampoo before so I was interested in trying this one from Kebelo! The idea is that you use it once or twice a month for a really deep cleanse to remove any product build up. So far I have only used it once and it definitely made my hair feel really clean afterwards!

A full sized shampoo costs £13.95 and until I've tried it a few more times I'm not sure if I would repurchase it, but I'm definitely interested in the concept! 

Rituals Ayurveda Scrub review

Rituals - Ayurveda Scrub:

I was so excited when I received this in my box as I have never tried anything from Rituals but have always wanted to! At first though I was a bit doubtful if I would actually like it though as I hate, and I mean HATE anything rose scented! But the rose scent isn't too strong as it has this refreshing mint smell combined with it.

What I love about this product is that you can either use it as a regular body scrub or a body mask, and since I already have several body scrubs I've been using it as a mask whilst I have a bath. I simply apply the clay like scrub onto my skin and leave it on for five minutes and then wash it off, and it leaves my skin feeling really soft, hydrated and clean! Though especially with the mint sensation it can leave you feeling a little cold! 

A full sized product costs £10 and I'd definitely repurchase as it makes a great little step in my pamper routine!

Lord & Berry Lotus Blush review

Lord & Berry - Lotus Blush:

I love a good blush and this one looks the most gorgeous musky pink in the package! It is super pigmented so you only need a tiny bit when applying it and it lasts all day with no problem! It is also really easy to blend.

A full sized blusher costs £18 and I don't think I would repurchase as I already have quite red cheeks and this blusher is a tiny bit too intense for me and plus I really love my Benefits Hervana blush

The balm cosmetics Balm desert reviewThe Balm Cosmetics - Balm Desert:
The final makeup product I received was this bronzer from the balm cosmetics. I think it is a great shade for fair skin as it didn't make me look orange at all, and it has a slight shimmer for a sun kissed look. Like the blusher this is also really pigmented and lasts all day so it's a great little find!

A full sized product costs £15 and I would definitely consider buying a full sized one next summer as since it's coming closer to autumn and winter I prefer more of a matte look.

Emoji stickers

Emoji stickers:

The last item I received in the box was this set of really cute emoji stickers which are currently being used to decorate my phone! 

Overall I have really enjoyed trying everything from this months Birchbox and I can't wait for my next one! A Birchbox subscription costs £12.95 a month (including P&P) and you can subscribe here:

You can also buy any of the products that I've mentioned here:

What do you think of this months box?

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