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Monday, 6 June 2016

Foreo - Luna Play.

 Face cleansing. We all know it's important, but if you're like me sometimes it can seem like a tedious task, so anything that can make it more fun and helps to cleanse my face more efficiently wins in my book. This is where the Foreo Luna Play comes in. This handy little tool has definitely helped to improve my cleansing experience.   

I have always wanted to try the original larger size Foreo Luna to see if it would help clear up my skin, and especially to try and unclog some pores that no facial cleanser alone has ever managed to do fully. However at £150 it was a little out of my budget, and something I didn't want to risk spending my money on if it didn't work.

However recently Foreo have bought out the Luna play. It uses the exact same technology but it's the size of a cotton pad and only costs £29. As soon as I saw this I thought now was the perfect time to try it and see if the full size is worth the investment.

The Luna uses hygienic silicone bristles that pulsate to offer a deeper cleanse as well as gently exfoliate. To use you simply push the little button on the back after applying some cleanser onto your face to turn it on, and then massage it in.

The idea is that you were meant to massage each section of your face for 15 seconds, meaning a total cleansing time of one minute. However, I felt like this wasn't long enough, though this might just mean I have a larger face then most! 

I preferred to use this in the evening for my first cleanse (when I was having a makeup free day) as I felt it really helped to cleanse my skin and prep it for my second cleanse, and also it was the only cleanser of mine it worked with as you can't use it with clay or silicone based cleansers. You can use it both in the morning and evening everyday, but I found this broke my skin out a bit, so I opted to only used it every other day.

After using the Foreo Luna Play I noticed an immediate difference in the way my skin looked. It was clearer, more radiant and had less texture, it was also incredibly soft! I spent the whole evening telling my family to stroke my face after using it the first time, as it had honestly never felt that good before! 

I really loved using this little device and will definitely be investing in a full sized one! I think the Luna Play is great for trying out this product and would also be great for travelling. However it only lasts for a month, maybe two depending on how often you use it, and once it's finished you have to throw it away. But I think this is okay as you're paying about £1 a wash., which isn't bad.

You can buy the Foreo Luna Play for £29, but I would wait until Look Fantastic or Feel Unique have a sale on, which they quiet often do! They also have a selection of colours to chose from and you can buy one here: Foreo Luna Play - £29.

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