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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Lush Christmas 2014.

Hey everyone, so for the very late blog post this evening but I got too distracted watching Christmas films! Today i have decided to do another Lush post on some of my favourite bath items from their Christmas collection this year. So if you are going to brave shopping tomorrow here are some items that you might want to pick up!

Butter Bear bath bomb:

How cute is this little fellow?! This is a redesign of Lush cosmetics classic butterball which contains Cocoa butter to help leave your skin super soft. I love this one as it is super cute and the smell is quite soothing. I think this would make a perfect little stocking filler!

Candy mountain bubble bar:

One of my all time favourites! It has that typical snow fairy sweet shop scent and leaves loads of bubbles in the bath. It does contain a small amount of shimmer in it, but it didn't leave me coated in it which is great. 

Holly Golightly bubble bar:

This bubble bar smells just like Christmas and their shower gel hot toddy so it was a winner for me! Now as you can see this bath bomb is absolutely covered in glitter and when I got out the bath I looked like a disco ball! But since it is Christmas I don't mind a bit of sparkle, and it easily washed off the next day.  

Northern lights bath bomb:

Now originally this was only going to come out till Halloween but was so popular they kept it till Christmas and after using I can see why! Once this bath bomb was dropped into water it let of this most wonderful colour display and left little stars floating in the bath, it was magical! The only problem with this bath bomb that it does have a tendency to break in half, so be careful when travelling back with it!

So there is my quick review on my favourite bath items from Lush and I hope you can manage to pick some up before they all sell out! 

What id your favourite bath item?

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  1. I could got the candy bar for Christmas and I love it, it smells amazinggg. Hope you had a good day! would be really great if you could check out my fashion blog? :)